Divorce: There are No Shortcuts

December 29, 2019


Do you feel overwhelmed by the looming divorce? Let’s be honest, whether you want the divorce or not, the journey will not be easy. Yes, I do believe you will come out of the other side stronger, but the road to get there may be long, dark and cold. The average divorce is 52 weeks. There are no shortcuts. 


To watch this, weighs heavy on me. I am a glass half full kind of girl, so it is not my nature to focus on all the challenges. However, I know that in order to best help women going through divorce, I need to help pro-actively address the known challenges and prepare for surprises (and yes, there will probably be at least one).


All of the challenges can be summed up into three categories. 1) selecting the right team 2) asking the right financial-related questions 3) being prepared for every conversation and meeting


To address these challenges, here are all of things that I help my clients with:


  • Determining where to start

  • Helping to gather and organize documents

  • Selecting the right core team (divorce attorney, therapist, divorce financial coach)

  • Asking the right questions  

  • Advocating for yourself and your family’s future

  • Leaning into the conversations

  • Budgeting for current and post-divorce 

  • Interpreting the financial options 

  • Negotiating for current and future needs 

  • Planning for what’s next 

  • Getting quotes for health insurance, life insurance, etc.

  • Deciding which quotes seem reasonable 

  • Listening to your intuition

  • Developing an action plan


In facing any challenge, there are three aspects. 1) what we know 2) what we know don't know 3) what we don't even know that we don't know (that is a mouthful, right?)


What if I don't even know what to ask? Right! The good news I actually help my clients ask the questions they don't even know they should be asking! I can help save you time, money, energy (and sanity). For real! I want you to show up to every meeting and conversation prepared, organized, empowered and confident. In fact, research shows us that our clients feel better about the final outcome of their divorce, have clarity on what’s next and reduce their divorce-related costs to half of what they would have been without my expertise. Yes, we can help save on legal fees.


Ladies, it is my life's purpose to help empower women. My goal is to help you reduce your financial vulnerability and exposure. I am confident I can help you! Let’s get started! Schedule a time to chat by visiting my website at www.womensfinancialwellnesscenter.com.

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