Embrace the New YOU

January 16, 2019


Moving into the next chapter of your life following a divorce is a challenging process, but you can make the most of it by ensuring you have a place of comfortable refuge and support.


Life after divorce is both scary and exciting and might be making you feel fearful and hopeful - which are two very different and conflicting emotions. It is normal to view the dissolution of your marriage with a “why me?”.  However, if you can change your perspective and see its demise as an important lesson about relationships, it can actually give a much needed boost to your confidence. Which in turn, will provide you with a positive mindset as you enter future relationships.


There is no way around it: Divorce = Change, and lots of it. The longer you fight the reality, the longer it will take for you to adjust and adapt.  This means that any energy you could use to move you forward is spent keeping you from moving forward. 


So, take this time to rediscover who you are.  Contemplate what you have been through, all that you have overcome, and what you would like the next chapter of your life to look like.  Think of activities, hobbies or passions that you would have loved to have accomplished while married, but somehow never found the time or perhaps courage to do. This could be something simple such learning how to knit, taking up yoga, or volunteering at an animal rescue. Or, go big, forge a new career path, plan an extraordinary trip, or buy great seats for a theatre show or concert.  


Another fantastic way to begin 2019 is to seek out camaraderie from those going through similar circumstances.  The Women’s Financial Wellness Center has a plethora of events, resources and courses to assist in guiding you as you navigate new waters.  Check out the options here:



You only get one life, and only you can choose what to do with it.

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.”-Alan Cohen

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