Finding a New Normal During the Holidays

December 30, 2018

If you are newly divorced, you may be dreading the holidays and feeling anything but merry. Finding joy and peace during a time of upheaval may not feel possible.  However with a little planning and a dash of creativity you can cope with and even enjoy the holiday season. 


When facing the holidays after a divorce, the best advice is to remember that a change to the status quo is a challenge that can be positive. Our brains are wired to enjoy familiarity, so when something is different from what was, we naturally feel odd.  


However, if you take the time to recognize that change can be good, and you can open yourself up to trying new things and establishing new traditions it can help you overcome the emotional hardship of your new circumstances.  Holidays and traditions can make us think about the past but also about the future; it is all about perspective. 


Sure, the emotions you might be going through as a result of a divorce as everyone celebrates the holidays and rings in the New Year are perfectly normal. Being depressed, frustrated or even angry is expected. Know that you are not alone in having those feelings come to the surface.


Be sure to surround yourself with loved ones, friends, a mentor, or a trusted colleague.  Spruce up your home with some festive greenery, indulge in a favorite meal, hang some twinkle lights or buy a gift for yourself, as self-care is the most valuable thing you can do as you find your new rhythm.


Keep things simple this year as you plan and coordinate for the holidays as you should use this season to recharge rather than create additional overwhelm.  And remember, at this time of the year or any other, The Women’s Financial Wellness Center exists to support you in your time of need and renewal.

Quote:  “Shine like the whole universe is yours.”-Rumi



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