Increase Your Money Confidence by Creating a Budget

June 23, 2018

A significant life event such as a divorce can cause you to make poor financial decisions. Logic tends to take a back seat when emotions run high, that is just reality. The sabotage is never intentional and yet, the consequences to your finances can be difficult to manage at a time when everything feels overwhelming.


When there is a sense of mourning attached to money, which divorce produces for many, individuals oftentimes go into avoidance mode and procrastinate dealing with the very items that require their attention the most.  No one wants to carry around that type of regret; ten percent of Americans say their biggest regret is finance-related, according to a Northwestern University study.


Whatever your story, anxiety in general tends to translate to a ramp up of concerns around money, so finding a more productive way of thinking to deal with any money worries is paramount. Talking to your financial advisor or getting some financial coaching can also offer methods for putting a plan of action in place. Putting together and implementing a list of specific, doable steps that can enable you to take the reigns of your money to-do is essential.


The Women’s Financial Wellness Center exists to help women change their money mindset and adopt a positive outlook on overcoming money problems. We have experts, courses and education built around assisting you in turning things around and moving forward. Our new online Beautiful Budgeting course helps you first determine the reasons you need to develop a budget then includes templates, tips, instruction, resources to assist you in implementing and maintaining one and all for $47.


If you can confront the numbers, one at a time and honestly become aware of where you stand, you can without a doubt increase your optimism and money confidence; let The Women’s Financial Wellness Center help you do that.


To check out the Beautiful Budget Course, click here.


Quote: The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations. ~Jacob Lew


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