10 Practical Things to Help Navigate Through Divorce

November 6, 2017

If you find yourself asking what if questions, you are not alone. “What if…?” is something that relentlessly goes through the minds of women experiencing divorce. It is an internal mental battle that causes numbness, avoidance, and isolation, all stemming from the fear of the unknown. The financial and emotional burdens often lead to immobility.To bring about answers, it is important to seek knowledge. It is knowledge + experience that equals confidence.


Knowledge + Experience = Confidence


Here are 10 practical things you can do to help increase confidence as you navigate through the unchartered territory of divorce.

  1. Seek knowledge

  2. Gather the facts

  3. Ask questions

  4. Select the right team

  5. Hire a counselor

  6. Monitor your energy

  7. Take time to renew your mind

  8. Find a support group

  9. Take action

  10. Trust the journey

Remember: It is more important to go slow and gain the lessons you need along the journey then to rush the process and arrive at your destination empty.  ~ Germany Kent


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