The Labyrinth of Divorce...

August 2, 2017



While working with women who are going through the divorce, I have often found myself pondering the process and outcome. I know it should be simple, right? Just get through the 120 waiting period, make sure the kids are taken care of and divide the assets and debts. However, I have to be honest, there are many times when the process seems messy and the result doesn’t seem logical. But, in all fairness it seems reasonable, since there is still a good amount of subjectivity that influences the process.


Every day I meet with women who are in considering divorce, in the midst of divorce or picking up the pieces after the divorce. For women that are going through divorce, it is often a dark labyrinth. It is an uncharted, overwhelming path. They not only fear the process, but also what awaits them on the other side.


In 2002, I started in the financial industry with a passion for helping women – specifically women who were going through divorce. Nearly 12 years later, I felt called to a greater mission of coaching women through the labyrinth of divorce. Since my new business model did not exist in the financial industry, it would require me to take my knowledge and experience to develop something new. I left the financial industry and developed a signature project management process for divorce – guiding, connecting and empowering women. Since that time, over 1,000 women have come through the doors of my 4,000 square foot conference center in Pewaukee. All the while, I have continued to speak publicly and build my financial wellness and leadership platform for women.


With that in mind, I know there are people that think I am crazy for not only believing that I can empower women who are going through divorce, but also for believing I can influence the landscape of divorce. However, I am not alone!


It isn’t often that we meet someone who shares the same level of passion for change – specifically when it comes to the divorce process. However, earlier this year, I met a woman named Kari Sharp, Founder of The Divorce Atlas.  And, it was one of the conversations that could have lasted for hours. We shared stories of what we have experienced – with one purpose – to help provide greater support for those going through the divorce process and change things for the better!


In fact, she was in the process of developing an anonymous survey to give people who have gone through divorce an opportunity to share their experiences. How much did the divorce cost?  Did you use an attorney or was it pro se? Was it contentious or not all? Were you satisfied with the results? Why or why not?


So, with a shared mission and vision, we have linked arms. On July 25, we launched the divorce survey.  And, to be honest, the feedback has been overwhelming. People have been really open and transparent about their experiences.


"Reading the results of the surveys brings tears to my eyes.  I'm so emotional reading all the responses.  Knowing that I was not the only one who struggled with the divorce process is so comforting.  I wish I had known to seek the support of others. It would have helped me feel less alone and less embarrassed.  It solidifies for me that there is a need for this type of support and that we are doing something good!" -Kari Sharp


In the next month, we will be compiling the data and sharing the overall results. I am confident that this data will shine some light on the divorce process - in an effort to better serve our current and future clients – and change the landscape of divorce for those we serve.


The survey will be open until mid-August. If you or someone you know has gone through divorce, we want to hear from you.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

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