The Power of Walking the Labyrinth

July 10, 2017

As I walked through the doors of the Chartres Cathedral in France, I felt a deep connection to God and to our mission to help women who are walking through divorce. As I approached the labyrinth, it was a place of reverence. People were quietly walking with intention, soaking in the history of the 13th century limestone path, praying and pondering. I willingly followed suit. I walked. I prayed. I pondered.


I prayed for the women who need our help. I prayed that God would prepare me to walk with them on their journey. I pondered the events that led up to that day. Back in April, I purchased my first international plane ticket and got my passport. It was official. I was headed to Paris in June with my friend, Paige. Just a few days later, I was listening to an audio book in my car on the way to a meeting. Much to my surprise, the author was talking about how she visited the Chartres Cathedral in France in the late 90's. I had never heard of that place before. However, she began to share her experience as she walked the labyrinth inside the beautiful cathedral. It was a divine moment, and one that inspired her to write a book about the symbolism. The labyrinth symbolized Jesus's journey to Jerusalem. The rose in the center of the labyrinth represented being close to God and each of the seven pedals had significant meaning.


As I was driving and listening, I had all I could do to contain my emotions. There was a physical place in the world that mirrored my logo, a labyrinth and rose. I felt compelled to go there; however, I had no idea how far it was from Paris or if it was even possible to go there. I did the logic thing and asked Siri to call my friend, Paige, the owner of Paris by Paige, and personal tour guide for the trip. I asked Paige if we could visit Chartres Cathedral while in France. She said the cathedral was about an hour train ride from Paris. And, I should consider it done. It had been added to the itinerary.


I am so grateful I was able to walk the labyrinth on behalf of the women we serve. What an incredibly spiritual experience! There are experiences in life that make us better, inspire us to keep going and renew our faith; this was certainly one of those moments for me!


If you or someone you know, would like help walking through the labyrinth of divorce, please reach out. The Women's Financial Wellness Center is here to help!