I Lost My Voice!

June 6, 2017

Who loses their voice in June? I mean, really? Isn't that reserved for the frigidly-cold winters in Wisconsin? Well, here we are in June, and I was speechless. With swollen vocal cords, I was without a voice for five days. As my friends would say in good fun, the world was much quieter today. And they were right! While I know in the grand scheme of things this is not a life or death situation, it was very frustrating yet quite symbolic of the women we serve.

So, what three things did I notice during my five days without a voice?


#1 | The first day I tried REALLY hard to talk and all that came out was puffs of air and an occasional squeak. I was frustrated, but I wanted to keep "talking.” But, when the people around me couldn't understand what I was saying... I eventually stopped trying.

#2 | I noticed that the people I was trying to communicate with were uncomfortable. Should they stay engaged in the conversation in hopes to glean the information they are looking for or table it for another day?

#3 | I longed to get my voice back!

So, wh