Letter to my Daughter

May 9, 2017

To my dearest daughter:


As I am facing the loss of my memory, my heart is heavy.  I don’t want to forget all of the great memories we had together. I remember when you got your first passport to travel to Paris. It was such a precious trip! Please keep those memories close to your heart – as they fade from my memory. God has blessed me with a wonderful family and a large estate. I am grateful to leave a legacy to my family and selected charities.


I would like to appoint you to be my Power of Attorney (POA). I am confident in your ability to operate faithfully in this role. You will be given authority to make financial and healthcare decisions that are in my best interest. I know this is not an easy task, but I believe that God has prepared you for this. I trust your decision-making skills.


In love, I would like to share a word of caution. Throughout previous generations, it saddened me to witness situations where responsibility and power led to corruption and dishonesty. It was something that happened slowly over time. It wasn’t intentional. It was usually rooted in self ambition and greed. Please listen closely. Guard your heart. Ask for guidance. Enlist accountability.


Let’s change the integrity of this role for generations to come. There are many upcoming decisions to be made, and I don’t want you to feel burdened or alone. To help you, I have set up my estate plan to clearly express my wishes and desires.


I love you! Thank you for allowing me to place my trust in you.


p.s. For a complete list of people to help you, see the family legacy binder I gave you.


Love you always,


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