Recent is Relative!

May 3, 2017

I love quotes! And, there are certain ones that resonate with my soul. This quote is one of them. 


"Most of the accomplishments I have achieved in my life began before I was ready," John Maxwell. 



It reminds me of the pain, the overwhelm and the fear of navigating through uncharted territory. I am so grateful I was encouraged to move forward even when I didn't feel like I was ready.


What if we could start moving forward in spite of our circumstances or feelings. Wouldn't we be further ahead sooner?


While we can't do anything about the past, we can make a choice to embrace the next phase of the recently-single journey. Recent is all relative to our situation and perspective. There is no judgment, just awareness. For some of us it may be a couple months. While for others who intimately remember the pain, guilt and shame like it was yesterday, recent could be a decade. 


If I could show you a way to move forward in a safe, non-judgmental way, would you be open to considering it?


I facilitate a retreat for women who have experienced divorce. It started over eight years ago as a focus group in the kitchen of a dear friend. We invited women who were in the midst of the storm to share their challenges, needs and ah-ha moments. While some may have thought I was crazy, I left that session and genuinely believed I could empower women with the knowledge, support and resources to make wise decisions, find their voice and come out stronger. 


If you or someone you know is going through divorce, I invite you to join us at our next retreat on Friday, May 12 & Saturday, May 13 at The Women's Financial Wellness Center. 


To register, please visit the retreat tab on our new website at






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