Are You Destined for More?

Reflective moments

I stood in my office peering out the window. I liked my career path. I was comfortable. I was grateful for what I helped build. However, I felt destined for more.. And, I wanted to reach even more women – especially those going through divorce.

The big questions I asked myself were…

  • Would I be able to live out the fullness of my destiny by staying the course?

  • What did I want my business to look like five years later?

  • Did I have the courage to leave?

  • How would I reach more women?

I struggled internally to let go of what was good to embrace what was great! It was the answers to those questions that brought bring clarity to what I needed to do.

This blog post seems timely. It was five years ago that I decided to leave the financial industry to open The Women’s Financial Wellness Center. To be honest, the transition was painful. I grieved the loss of dream to foster a new dream. I felt alone. There was no going away party. There was no welcoming committee. It was just me – and a vision to help change the world.

The first year we had great favor with the media. We were featured three times on major tv news channels. It was great exposure for the mission to empower women who found themselves in a vulnerable spot financially, relationally and emotionally. In addition, we had over 300 women that came through our doors. I knew we were on to something. The trends I was seeing and the conversations I was having confirmed that I made the right decision.

As I grew my business, I was blessed with amazing mentors and strategic partners. They believed in me and my dream. They affirmed the need in the marketplace for this service. They also provided valuable feedback and wisdom. I spent many hours building the processes and systems and laying the infrastructure for my business. While I certainly didn’t have all the answers, I did have the right questions (and a lot of them). And better yet, I was able to find the right people to help me.

I am grateful I was able to bring my experiences, knowledge and passion with me. Today my business is reaching women through the country with a message of hope via my podcast called Divorce Conversations for Women. I am speaking, creating content and coaching clients. It all started five years ago when I asked myself the tough questions. I would tell my five-year younger self to go for it. Dream big. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Press on. Be authentic. Love deeply. Be assertive. Set boundaries. Embrace justice. Give first. Help others.

It is these experiences that inspired me to launch the Business Owner Success Summit (B.O.S.S.) in 2017. This annual event is always on Boss’s Day in October, and it is a great way to celebrate what women bring to business. It is a day filled with knowledge, inspiration and divinely inspired connections. This event allows me to serve others in honor of the amazing people who have generously poured into me.

Let’s celebrate what women bring to business on Boss’s Day 2019. Click here to grab your ticket. See you at the BOSS '19 event!


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